Hello, Marcus here...

I am the founder, dating and relationships coach for men at IWillTeachYouConfidence.Com

Heartbreak days...

Years ago, I went to Hong Kong my friends before mandatory enlistment into the military.

My ex girlfriend and I had an argument on text message whilst I was there.

In FIVE odd days, she and I broke up up through text message.

I flew off on an airplane still having a girlfriend I had a lot of love for...

and landed days back in Singapore without one

I couldn’t believe I got dumped through text message.

That led to two to three entire years of sadness and feelings of low self esteem...

I then took it upon myself to master casual and long term relationships for the next decade

Truth to be told...

The relationships struggles my clients and I face today are slightly different from the ones I faced when I started out as a twenty two year old...

I started as an unmotivated, underperforming Junior College drop out.

Slowly I evolved into a busy professional, an entrepreneur, a business leader. 

Someone that has high standards for myself and the relationships I form

The majority of my clients fall in this category too, they are either professionals or business leaders that value their time.

This is why I know how you feel, you may not wish to spend time on relationships that don't fit your standards

Hence I created my entire method on being time efficient. 

It's not about bragging rightsit's about finding the right partner that'll support us in our careers and life pursuits.

It's not about hoping and praying some agency is going magically match us with our life partner, it is about creating abundance and finding a partner that fits our standards

It's about building relationships with our ideal women that appreciate us for who we are: both the good and the bad

Today I specialize in helping career oriented professionals, entrepreneurs and intelligent men attract and connect with their ideal women

This is through:

This is why I created my entire coaching philosophy on being targetted:

  • Learning social skills so that you can start conversations with women anytime, anywhere
  • Crafting out lifestyle systems such as an optimized online profile (and THREE other avenues) so that you can fill your coffee calendar high quality romantic opportunities
  • Mastering emotional and conversational skills such as boundaries, empathy and vulnerability so that you can connect with women on a deeper level
  • Unleashing your masculine potential: self confidence and leadership so that you become an authentically attractive individual

Note: This isn't your usual sleazy pick up artist tactics that do NOT work in Asian cultures like Singapore.

So that you can meet, connect, attract and build a meaningful relationships with your ideal women

all without...

  • Paying thousands of dollars on agencies, relying on old social circles or risk seeing your colleagues
  • Spending on expensive dinners, gifts, spending months, years only to end up in the dreaded friend zone
  • Using your job, careers, money, social status as bargaining chips to get love, intimacy and affection from her
  • Caving in to unreasonable demands, taking disrespect from your partner that leads of the eventual fizzling out of passion and chemistry

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Success Stories

Marcus helped me with my online dating profiles and it resulted in more matches. He then helped me to convert them into dates.

I even had to delete my online dating profiles because I had too many dates... to focus at work at one point!

I successfully casually dated FIVE girls after the program and today I am engaged with a devoted and loyal girl."

Melvin, 37

IT Executive

"I successfully "full closed" a girl in my first month after attending the program.

I'm actually surprised that my dating and relationships interactions is something completely in your control.

Marcus opened up my eyes to different perspectives that can be applied through business, my social life and all of life."

Darren, 31

Pharmacist Executive

"There are a lot of fake gurus out there and Marcus is the real deal.

I had zero dates that flake on me after attending the program. 

Today, I know being 100% comfortable with my masculine desires is definitely possible!

I am happily with a girl a met after the program and we have long term plans together."

YJ, 25

Software Engineer