February 28

Save Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars, Avoid Heartbreak with These 3 Life Pivots



Started a business and feel it’s going nowhere? Feel like you do not belong to a particular organization and are looking to quit? Unsure of a particular relationship or career path?

Unsure about the current state of your romantic relationships? That can be in your 20s, 30s, 40s and throughout all stages of life. Some of us procrastinate, make wrong judgments (regret it in hindsight) and the rest of us… are simply confused. I have been at this EXACT situation HUNDREDS of times.

I have procrastinated HUNDREDS of times. I did NOT let the signals land. I did NOT see the alternatives. I did not take any action. Sometimes, I took action and regretted it. This is in my business career as an entrepreneur. In my romantic relationships and as an employee in organizations.

Here I discuss the 3 key mindset inflection moments life is signalling YOU to PIVOT. This can be moving on from a romantic partner.

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