February 2

Finding a Life Partner in 3 to 6 Months


Marcus Neo:     This is Yao Jun, right? And…

Yao Jun:            Yep.

Marcus Neo:     He joined me like two months ago. Two months, right? Was it two months?

Yao Jun:            Yep. Around there.

Marcus Neo:     You probably only had two sessions with me, right? So the first session we actually did a photo shoot and in our second session, we went out and do approaches, right?

Yao Jun:            Mm-hmm (affirmative). Yep.

Marcus Neo:     So maybe before we get into the details, maybe you can talk a little bit about yourself. Like your background, what do you do for a living?

Yao Jun:            Okay. So previously I was a consultant, lecturer, and a researcher, and now I run my own [inaudible 00:00:42]. Yeah. So the reason why I approached Marcus was because I had low self-esteem and I felt that I couldn’t communicate with the opposite sex. I have intentions of getting a girlfriend, but I am not so assertive or confident when it comes to dealing with women. So that’s why I reached out to Marcus and I took on his program. Yeah.

Marcus Neo:     Yep. And I mean, you’re actually quite an outlier as well, right? So for those guys who don’t know, you’re between 23-24 years old, you are running your own software company. So basically [crosstalk 00:01:22] you’re the CEO of a software company, very young age. And then you are also someone who actually excelled academically during your teens, right?

Yao Jun:            Yep.

Marcus Neo:     Like someone who just really focused on your grades and schoolwork and just very career-focused as well, right? Maybe you can tell me a little bit more about that.

Yao Jun:            When I was 15, I got a scholarship to Singapore. So that’s why I’m here today. I was from Malaysia, [inaudible 00:01:49]. And I studied in NUS high school there. We really just focused about studies. And of course I do have interest in the opposite sex, but it was that our school was so small and there were a lot of guys towards girls, the guy to girl ratio.

So that’s why it didn’t blossom for an opportunity where I realized that for learning all of these grounds, right, social situations and how to act guy-to-girl, right? All of these things happen in their teens, right. Where people, in their JC, their junior college years, or even some in secondary school. But I was not afforded that opportunity. And afterwards I came to realize that, oh, shit I sunk in too much time in my career. And it’s time to play catch up on all of these things. Yeah.

Marcus Neo:     Okay. So, you joined me as a live client. All my live clients have access to my online program as well, this is how we just do it here. I teach implementable steps in the live program and then the theory is covered by the online program. So can you tell me a bit about your experience of the live program? So far we’ve only had two sessions, right. And then the online program as well.

Yao Jun:            Mm-hmm (affirmative). So first thing is- should I start from live? Or just talk about [crosstalk 00:03:07] program.

Marcus Neo:     Yeah.

Yao Jun:            So the live program couples on with the online program, right? Because, in order for things to scale, you really need your profiles to be up, your photos to be good, and then you need to start learning texting. So, a huge portion of that is covered in the online program. But with that being said, it’s also important to know how to frame an interaction and go in and close. Go on dates and close it with girls. So which is why Marcus incorporates that into his program as well, the live portion of it.

So for our first program- sorry, not first program, first session. All Right. Marcus helped me do some photo shoots, took photos of myself and instructed me with his online courses, well-guided by him on what kind of photos to put, what things to say to a girl from her perspective, framing of her perspective. And not corny lines or memorized lines, but lines that are suited to the individual different style of the guy.

So that was that meaningful at first. Right, and for our first session, you also taught me some core approach techniques and tricks and tips reaching out to a girl and asking for time and direction, reaching out to a girl to speak to her. Yeah. So that was pretty much that for the first session. For our second session, it was more towards a higher-level of things where I approached the girl, called approach. And then I spoke to the girl to understand her better and to sort of frame the interaction so that she would give me her phone number. Yeah.

Marcus Neo:     Let’s talk about some measurable results you got after you joined the program. So firstly, let’s talk about, I mean, from what I heard from you, you haven’t done up your online dating profiles or anything and I’m chasing you on your [inaudible 00:05:07] everything. But I believe you have seen a measurable improvement in online dating by using online dating applications. And maybe you can talk a little bit about that.

Yao Jun:            Mm-hmm (affirmative). To be fair, it’s not that my profile is not up or anything, but I am picky. I have my issues. Right. But it’s not that Marcus program is not good, but to be fair, right. It’s [inaudible 00:05:33]. So when Marcus talks about the components of… Wait sorry, I lost my train of thought. All right.

So as I was saying, right, Marcus’ program helped me to be more confident to speak to girls from the level of texting, seeing her as equals and not a girl that is a prize. I need to work hard to get to the prize. So that’s one perspective that I gained. And instead of framing my interactions as that, it’s more of an equal-setting kind of thing. And I do have more needs from online because many girls are looking to date online, and especially because of COVID, that people are not as willing to go out with a stranger to have dates because lack of trust and to COVID. So, yeah. So right now it seems to me like the best way to go about this is to scale on online dating rather than in person at the moment. Yeah

Marcus Neo:     Okay. So the second part of it would be approaching complete strangers, right? So let me dive into a session I had with you. And this was actually the first session that we actually have for this skill set, which is going up to complete strangers. So one thing is, you would agree with me that the girls that we talked to, they are the top 20th percentile in terms of physical attractiveness, right? We’re not just approaching anyone. Yeah. I mean, not to be misogynistic here, but if we were all honest to ourselves, guys like attractive women, right? So…

Yao Jun:            I can say that my interactions with women have been better, that I can at least talk about sexual jokes with women, and also to speak to her in an equal way instead of looking at her because she’s pretty she’s a prize and therefore I have to submit to her. Right.

So there is what’s so helpful in my daily interactions. And also it gives me the confidence as a guy to if, need it be right in the future when I go out to bars or anything, to just walk up to girl and say, “Hi, I find you charming” or something like that, you know? So I do feel that as a guy, it’s this sense of anchoredness that you feel that, “I’m a guy and I have confidence.” And this confidence lasts you into many aspects of your workplace, your personal life, as well as your career. So for me, I also do feel more centered at work. So it is that confidence then. Yeah.

Marcus Neo:     So let me elaborate more about the first session that we had, right? So this is just two hours into the program for the live approaches, right? So within two hours you are able, right, to go up to multiple and multiple- and when I mean multiple it means above 10, 20 women who are, in terms of physical attractiveness, at top 20th percentile. Go up. Not get slapped, right, not get slapped in the face, and strike a friendly conversation. And you were even able to get, I think, one or two numbers, right?

Yao Jun:            Yeah.

Marcus Neo:     So will you elaborate a little bit more about that experience?

Yao Jun:            I would say, not going to lie, okay? When I do it, my heart is pumping and I’m like, “Oh boy, this is some weird ass random situation.” But I told myself, if I want to get the numbers, I have to do it right. Because it’s something that you have to do it, you have to work for it, right.

So the first time, actually I mean the first exact moment I walk up to a girl, I feel a little scared. And I started by… I walked and talked along with her. I can’t remember what exactly I asked her, but it was something along the lines of “Where do you work? Where are you going?” And things like that. And we had a casual-ish conversation.

And that also helped me to anchor that, in all strangers in terms of pretty girls, are not the kind of very distant or very like people that you just cannot approach. Right. But they’re all like us. Like you and me, all the guys, right? That they’re also looking for a partner and things kind of end in common ground. So yeah, I do feel more solid and centered after that. After that, it’s more of a “Oh, I just approach it. I don’t think about it. I just do it because if I were to think about it, I’m going to feel scared. So I just won’t give up.”

Marcus Neo:     Does it surprise you that it was actually extremely doable with the framework that I’ve given you, right. And it’s a very simple framework and most people will just over-complicate and confuse it.

Yao Jun:            Yeah. Yeah. Because I think the over-complication part is where you feel like you don’t have enough information and then you feel like you’re not going to do it because you’re scared. I think these are the main two problems that, when you have a course without a direct end-to-end support. I would say end-to-end support in the sense that your course covers start to end, right? From complete beginners to advanced stuff.

But I would say it’s also more of a [inaudible 00:10:38] kind of thing, because these are things that you need to occasionally and quite often revisit, right? When you feel in a certain area, you revisit the content to anchor your confidence and to anchor your understanding of things. Because it’s easy to think about it from a logical sense, but when you’re emotional and you are acting on impulse, you perform so-called “less than stellar.” Yeah.

Marcus Neo:     Okay. So let me ask you, why do you choose to work with me over tens of other programs out there in the world? Why did you choose marcusneo.com?

Yao Jun:            I would say that’s a very good question. I actually haven’t thought that much, but I feel that it’s because, okay, what I can say is that when I had spoken to you, I did not think that much in terms of comparing, but I would say that from a business-touch point of view, right? You have been there done that. One. So you have a lot of experience. And two, it’s not that you’re giving me theoretical advice, but you are going along with me for the ride. Maybe in terms of life coaching, right? And thirdly, is that the course you speak, the way you present the content and the course, right. It’s in a very straightforward manner. It’s not full of jargon. It’s not full of, oh, you have to think this so that you’re doing it right. No, you focus on the, do this, do X next, do Y, do Z. That kind of thing.

So yeah. So the emphasis is more on a short script, just go into it. That’s all. And you get results. Less off the theory, the asking you to read a long article, you know?. So just do it. I think that is the essence of the thing. It’s like any other skill that if you want to learn about it and you want to do it, just go and do it. Don’t think about it just, do it. Yeah. They want Nike that’s [inaudible 00:12:34] on their shoes. Right. So, yeah.

Marcus Neo:     Okay, okay. Thank you for the compliments, because I pride myself on making my program as complex-free as possible. So let me ask you this question, right. Will you say that you would have joined my program maybe like three years earlier? A similar program, like this and not wait up, I don’t know what you’re like 23, 24 right now. And that would have benefited you more, right?

Yao Jun:            Yes. Okay. I will not say that because back in my career, okay. Previously I was still hung up with my career. Although I do agree that university is the perfect hunting ground, the perfect place to meet women and all that. But right now I’m gearing my lifestyle such that I have a lot more time than the average person. So I will sink in that extra time into this thing. And because I feel for me, my perspective is that dating is like any other skill. That it can be learned, and it doesn’t require you to be a genius. It’s not rocket science. Right. So as soon as you put the heart and the mind to it, you will [inaudible 00:13:46], you can do it [inaudible 00:13:48]. Yeah.

Marcus Neo:     Okay. Right, so because now I’m kind of extending to an international audience right. So we have people from America, potentially watching this. I’d like to ask you this question. Do you think that the same principles and concepts that I have presented in the program, if you were to move into another country in another culture, will you be able to replicate the results with the same principles?

Yao Jun:            I would say it’s even much easier. It’s not just getting results, but I think in terms of in a Western country, I think it would be much easier because people there are more direct. They are more approachable and there’s not a social norm to say, you have to act this and you have to act that. You have to act like a good girl or a good guy. There just isn’t so much of that in the West and in Europe as well.

So I would say that it’s amazing. Even in Singapore where it’s arguably a hard place to get girls. And if even I can get them, I don’t think it should be a problem for Westerners. I’m Asian, come on, Asian guys are stacked. We are stacked against white guys we are stacked against black guys. Come on, come on. Right. So I don’t believe that to be an excuse though.

Marcus Neo:     Okay. Awesome, awesome, awesome. Okay. So lastly, before we end off, we might have some people viewing this and they are thinking, they’re actually on the fence of actually joining a program. Whether it be our online programs or our live programs, and what would you tell these people who are on the fence?

Yao Jun:            Just do it. Just join. You’re not going to regret that because you follow a simple script. You just do it. You want results, you do it. And don’t be the kind of person that, “Oh, I’m going to buy a fancy $2K program and just sit at home, waiting for results to fall from the sky.” You need to be out there. You need to be doing it. You need to change your fashion. You need to improve a lot of various things, your habits and things like that.

But if you do all of those things, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you will have results. That’s why Marcus is still today helping me for me to get a perfect set of photos, right. So that’s what I’m still working on. But otherwise I can say that from a perspective of inner-confidence for the guy, it helps a lot. Right? Because fundamentally, guys are meant to meet girls and they would rather do that than hide away. But most people think that’s an excuse and hide themselves away. So I feel that’s a waste. Yeah.


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