Hello there, Marcus here!

Thank you for applying for the complimentary strategy call.

Now before I move on...

I'd like to sound out that it takes a good amount of effort and financial resources from my end to make this strategy call possible.

This means...

  • Kindly show up for the call 
  • Set aside time and date in your calendar... do it NOW!
  • If you can't make it, then do reschedule ahead of time. Our team values your time as much as we hope you value ours!
  • Our team has a backlog of strategy call bookings. No it is not to invade upon your privacy... but to do house keeping on repeated no shows.

Secondly... I'll like you to watch video on time versus money when it comes to dating and relationships success before hoping on the call!


Enjoy the complimentary strategy call. See you on the stated time and date!