Modern Dating and Relationship Insights for Career Oriented Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Intelligent Men
5 Keys to Meet, Date, Attract and Build Passionate Relationships with Women You Want
27th March at 8:00pm SGT (GMT+8)
Presenter: Marcus Neo, Executive Coach of IWillTeachYouConfidence.Com
Free Live Online Workshop with the Executive Coach of IWillTeachYouConfidence.Com ! We'll Be Covering...
  • Key 1) How to meet, date and attract your ideal woman in an authentic way without without trading "high social status", money and "good looks" for love, intimacy and attention from women you want
  • ​Key 2) How to jam pack your calendar with high quality dates with beautiful, high quality women without relying on dead end old social circles, risk dating your colleagues or waste months and thousands of dollars on dating agencies only to end up friend zoned
  • Key 3) How to connect with women on an emotional level and get your ideal woman yearning for intimate bedroom moments with you, all without splashing on expensive dinners and gifts, even if you are “introverted”
  • ​Key 4) How to bounce back from a breakup/ divorce: action steps you can take today your ex back girlfriend/ spouse back from a position of security, choice and non neediness without being a creepy stalker or an emotional mess
  • Key 5) How to create passionate relationships, rekindle sparks in a long term relationship, get your girlfriend/ spouse to be committed, devoted and loyal to you without taking disrespect from her and caving in to her unreasonable demands
100% complimentary - seating is limited to 100 attendees due to software limitations!

Undeniable Results in the Industry

Hi I'm Marcus,

Years ago, I went to Hong Kong with a trip with my friends just before mandatory enlistment into the Singapore military.

My ex girlfriend and I had an argument on text message whilst I was there.

In FIVE odd days, she and I broke up up through text message.

I flew off on an airplane still having a girlfriend I had a lot of love for...

and landed days back in Singapore without one

I couldn’t believe I got dumped through text message.

That led to two to three entire years of sadness and feelings of low self esteem...

I then took it upon myself to master casual dating, long term relationships for the next decade

Truth to be told...

The dating and relationships struggles my clients and I face today are different from the ones I faced when I started out as a twenty two year old...

I transformed myself a total loser to a busy and career oriented entrepreneur that has high standards for myself and people around me

The majority of my clients happen to fall in this category too...

This is why I understand that you may not wish to spend time in relationships that doesn't fit your ideal women archetype...

Yes it can sound selfish and judgmental...

BUT, if you're career oriented, you are probably a busy individual and are starved for time

This is why I created my entire coaching philosophy on being targetted:

- Let's not spend time with women that don't fall in our ideal archetype
- Let's not waste time and effort in the friend zone or hoping that some dating agency - is going to match you with your ideal woman
- Let's only date and build relationships with high quality women that appreciate us for who we are
- Let's not waste time and effort in long term relationships that disrupt our careers

This is why today...

I specialize in helping career oriented professionals, entrepreneurs, intelligent men meet, date, attract and build passionate relationships with feminine, beautiful and high quality women

This is through:
  • The direct approach method, online applications and TWO other avenues to pack your calendar with high quality dates
  • Mastering social skills such as conversational skills
  • Mastering emotional skills such as empathy/ vulnerability
  • Understanding masculine and feminine psychology
This isn't your usual sleazy pick up artist tactics that do NOT work in Asian cultures like Singapore.

So that you can meet, date and build a meaningful relationship with your ideal women...

all without...
  • Over paying for dating agencies, relying on old social circles or dating your colleagues
  • Expensive dinners, gifts only to spend months and years ending up in the dreaded friend zone
  • Using your job, careers, money, social status as bargaining chip to get sex, love, intimacy and affection from her
  • Caving in to unreasonable demands that leads to fizzling out of passion in relationships and respect from your girlfriend or spouse

Success Stories

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27th March at 8:00pm SGT (GMT+8)
100% complimentary - seating is limited to 100 attendees due to software limitations!
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I can't make it for the webinar. Is any way I can get in touch with you?
Yes, you can join our free Facebook group for future live webinar dates. Marcus and his coaching team also conduct other complimentary live trainings, question and answers post tutorials and content in there from time to time.

How is this different than all the other stuff out there?
Our team belongs to a tiny percentage of 0.0001% of Asian Male in the entire South East Asia region that has recorded infields, real life online dating match, to text, to date recordings and tens of long form client testimonials that demonstrates that any intelligent individual can attain dating and relationship success.
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