3 Keys on How to Attract, Create Passionate Relationships with Women and Build Unshakable Confidence

  • Key 1) How to be Naturally Attractive To Women: The road map to go from complete strangers to getting a girlfriend. Keep your girlfriend or spouse, loyal, attracted and devoted even after the honey moon period without caving in to unreasonable demands just to impress or please her. (scripts and lines you can use today to escape the friend zone today)
  • Key 2) Is She the One? Two Major Relationship Red Flags: Tired of the princess/ inflate sense of entitlement syndrome? Currently in a relationship that has dragged on for years? Feel like you are leading a quiet life of desperation? Here are 2 major red flags and one big green flag to look out for. (actions steps you can take today)
  • Key 3) $100,000 Confidence Secrets: High value communication skills that not only helped generate more than $100,000 in sales as a bootstrapped entrepreneur but also lead, influence and impact others in organisations. How to develop self leadership and not let constant feeling of comparison to others hold you back! (actions steps you can take today)

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Undeniable Results in the Industry

Hello, I am Marcus

Years ago, I went to Hong Kong on a leisure trip before enlistment into the Singapore military 

My ex-girlfriend and I had an argument on text message whilst I was there

In FIVE odd days, she and I broke up through text message.

I flew off on an airplane still having a girlfriend I had a lot of love for... and landed days back in Singapore without one

I couldn’t believe I got dumped through text message. That led to two entire years of sadness, grief and feelings of no confidence.

I then took it upon myself to master social skills casual dating and long term relationships. I seek-ed out coaches, mentors and peers for my social romantic and professional life.

That led on an entire decade of transformation.

I started out as a Junior College drop out. Then the underperforming University student who scrapped through his studies.

I also came from a financially humble background. In my younger days, my parents told me to “study hard, get a good job and get married”.

That was all not to be.

In my earlier twenties, I obsessed over casual dating success.

I stayed single for the most part of my twenties. I dated different romantic partners and explored different countries, cultures.

Yes it was a period of growth. Novel in fact! Yet as I entered my thirties, I desired for stability and meaning in a long term relationship. I then found a long term romantic partner.

Each step of this process had its challenges.

Today you may consider what I do life coaching or dating and relationships coaching.

I prefer not to put a label on it.

You see, I also took the emotional and social skills I developed, started a business and brought it to more than $100,000 of sales. I operated the tech, the product, the advertising creatives, the marketing presentations, the sales appointments... as a one man bootstrapped team.

How did I do it?

How did I self generate that endless inner motivation? The "high status communication skills" that helped me craft marketing presentations, persuade, influence and create sales from total strangers?

You may think I am "smart".
Or "am good looking".
Or "came from a rich family".

Look, I only graduated from University at 29 years old.

I spent the majority of my twenties working for SMEs as a cash strapped entrepreneur. I never had the “prestigious corporate job”.

However, I never gave up and I kept working on my social and professional skills. In my early thirties, that led to a role in one of the biggest banks in the region.

It's not about hoping for some agency to magically match you with a romantic partner.

Or swiping right praying for a good match on online applications. It is about taking control and the ability to generate social, romantic opportunities.

It isn't about caving in to unreasonable demands. Or taking disrespect in your long term relationships. It's about generating the intrinsic attraction. So that your relationships do not lose it's passion or chemistry.

Or maybe you're also looking to get that "high status communication skills", the endless motivation, intrinsic confidence that'll impact your professional life. 

I know for sure because I created 6 figures of revenue for my company, and millions for others.

Live presentations at the board room, marketing webinars, sales appointments and enterprise level proposals... it all comes down to the ability to influence and impact others.

Look, you may be an aspiring entrepreneur or a motivated executive...

Or a top performing professional in the corporate world...
Or an established business owner raking in millions...
and you're looking to take your social and romantic results to the next level. 

Then this is for you!

and you're looking to take your social and romantic life to the highest of levels.

Then this is for you.

This is through:

  • Your social and dating "funnel": start conversations with anyone, anytime, anywhere. Get endless romantic opportunities from online applications and TWO other avenues
  • From hello to intimacy: social skills such as conversational skills. Understanding social dynamics and the art of generating attraction
  • Unleashing your hidden potential. Develop rock solid confidence and self leadership. So that you become an naturally magnetic individual
  • Unlock endless motivation: hone in on your life purpose. Create that winner effect that'll help you succeed romantically, socially and professionally

NOTE: this isn't your sleazy pick up artist tactics that aren't adapted for Asian cultures like Singapore...

Our coaching team is focused on levelling you up to the authentically attractive individual that attracts, builds meaningful and win-win relationships

all without...

  • Using your careers, money, social status as bargaining chips to get love, intimacy from romantic partners. 
  • Caving in to unreasonable demands, taking disrespect from romantic partners. Experiencing the fizzling out of passion and chemistry in long term relationships.
  • Overcompensating in your careers. Putting in extra hours to appear "hardworking". Feeling like you're falling behind your peers. Constantly comparing yourself with others.
  • Having to "fake it till you make it". Feeling like an imposter. Feeling like you're never good enough in your social, romantic and professional lives

Success Stories

Marcus helped me with my online dating profiles and it resulted in more matches. He then helped me to convert them into dates.

I even had to delete my online dating profiles because I had too many dates... to focus at work at one point!

I successfully casually dated FIVE girls after the program and today I am engaged with a devoted and loyal girl."

Melvin, 37

IT Executive

"I successfully dated a girl in my first month after attending the program.

I'm actually surprised that my dating and relationships interactions is something completely in your control.

Marcus opened up my eyes to different perspectives that can be applied through business, my social life and all of life."

Darren, 31

Pharmacist Executive

"There are a lot of fake gurus out there and Marcus is the real deal.

I had zero dates that flake on me after attending the program. 

Today, I know being 100% comfortable with my masculine desires is definitely possible!

I am happily with a girl a met after the program and we have long term plans together."

YJ, 25

Software Engineer 


In This 3 Keys FREE PDF You'll Get:

The Art of Authentic Attraction 

The exact lines you can use to create romantic tension and escape the dreaded friend zone.

How to keep your girlfriend and spouse loyal, committed, devoted and slightly obsessed with you without impressing or pleasing her constantly, even after the honey moon period. 

 3 Major Relationship Red Flags

Spot the big three major relationship red flags.

Examples of red and green flags. How does a toxic and healthy relationship look like.

Exercises you can use today maintain attraction and chemistry in a long term relationship.

Confidence Blueprint

The exact confidence blueprint that helped me create a 6 figure company as a one man employee, bootstrapped entrepreneur.

Exercises you can do to generate endless motivation and tap into that hidden potential.

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