February 2

Start Up Engineer Finds Casual and Long Term Dating Success



Yeah. Good morning, everyone. To JT. How’s everything, JT?


Hi. I’m JT. I’m a Malaysian working in Singapore as a software engineer. For me myself, I was a really shy guy. I am really afraid of getting rejected by girls. I realized I had this problem that’s why I went to seek [Marcus’ 00:00:18] help.


Yeah. Tomorrow, I have one. Friday, I’ll go another one. I think next week we will have another one as well during the weekdays. think there is two girls that are really interested in me.


I want to just say thank you because I haven’t had this much fun. Yeah. Know what I mean? Before this I’m worried about what people would think about me or what texting right now. I just having fun doing the text.

I call him up and I find that he is really professional and at the same time he’s really kind. He really understand my situation. What he did was we met up together and then he literally forced us to go talk to girls so that the process is not actually…

The main goal is not actually get the girl’s number or to get her to bed or whatever but it’s actually to overcome the fear of rejection. Once we get that in, I finally see some things out. Right now, even though I got rejected by girls many times, I don’t feel the sting of being rejected anymore.

In fact, I even got to met a few good friends through his techniques and at the same time, I have some romantic encounters as well. Besides doing the game like talking to girls on the street, we also tried to tackle the online dating scene.

What Marcus did was he updated my online profile, updated my display picture, getting tips on fashion as well. From that I got immediate result. Immediate matches. He also taught me how to talk with girls and create the connection and bring her out to date.

Beside this, Marcus talk about the psychology and that in every conversation is.. In order to promote trust in a conversation and how to make things more sexy. If you find out that you have an area that you need improvement, don’t hesitate to find professional help. Marcus, I can say he is a professional.

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